Killing Blows – Fallout 4

Sound Design

Killing Blows from Bill Mueller on Vimeo.

This video showcases the work I did on Fallout 4. I had the chance to do a hand full of the “finishing blows” that play when you kill an NPC or get killed by one. I wanted these to have a lot of gory detail to them. So you will notice when a knife goes into the shoulder blade for example, you can hear the bones cracking, even when it comes back out. And the slight crack of bone as well when the player is hit with a blunt object. I didn’t want just standard “stabbing” sounds, I wanted something a little more unique, so I actually used a lot of velcro pulling away and pitched down or sped up depending on the animation. This helped give a nice gritty, cracking sound to the stabbing, which I think helps it stand out a bit more. As with most Fallout games, these have a chance to play in slow motion. Because of that, we accented the high end to make sure even when played in slow motion, the detail still comes out.