Boss Abilities – ESO

Sound Design

Boss Abilties from Bill Mueller on Vimeo.

Here is a set of abilities for the final boss in Imperial City Prison dungeon. I was the lead on this dungeon and others. This is a pretty big guy, and it was important to make his abilities sound big as well, but it was also important to make sure they cut through the mix when fighting with a group of other players. The tendency when trying to make something sound “big” is to rely on low end a lot. In order to ensure his sounds always cut through, I wanted to make sure the low was there, but also provide a nice layer of high end frequencies as well. It’s real easy when you have 4 players and a big boss like this ( who clones himself into multiple versions adding more to fight ) to have the mix get muddy and things get lost. By using assets that balanced the frequencies, I was able to have him stand out while also making his abilities sound as large as they appeared on screen.